Most of us are not trying to join the PGA tour.  We just want to improve without confusing ourselves.  This assessment looks at specific data about your body.  Things such as height vs wingspan, hip speed, forearm length vs upper arm, how your lower body naturally moves, how your trail arm (right arm for right handed player) folds naturally.

We then take this information and make some conclusions on how your body is designed to swing the club to the ball and how to set the correct ball position for your hip speed.  These factors will enable you to practice with a purpose, not just try different things and see what may or may not work.

If you are inconsistent, this option can really open your eyes.  After the assessment, you will understand why you miss the way you do.

We recommend that new players start here to see how they like the game.  Getting this valuable info to start will greatly increase your enjoyment and you will be likely to want to play more!


Assessment: $79 per player and takes 30-40 min.  Bring a friend and cost goes to $40 per person, bring 2 friends and cost is just $35 per person.