Regardless of your level of experience, there is a simple explanation of what makes a good golf swing. We will help you understand what you do well and show you how to improve it.  Our Academy is great for every type of player because if you never played, you don’t have any bad habits.  Or if you have bad habits already, we can help you get rid of them.  Most players struggle with symptoms of a bad swing.  That is tough to get better because there is no consistency.  When you understand what makes a good swing, you will really be on your way!


Never took lessons my entire life and I wished I had done so earlier with Mark. I dropped 10 strokes after just 2 lessons when he quickly analyzed and corrected my flaws. He did so without trying to reinvent your swing, just focused on the key fundamentals to promote better impact and consistency. Best investment you can make in golf before you drop a lot of money into expensive equipment.

Barry K. San Francisco, CA

Mark is the man! Had two 1 hr lessons with him. He has a scientific approach to teaching, making sure you understand why your body is doing or not doing certain things. Mark is very generous with his knowledge and pin pointed exactly what was wrong with my swing. As good instructors do, he works with your swing to ensure that the fundamentals are in tact. Good grip, good alignment, etc. etc. Overall, great teacher, lot of knowledge and a lot of simple and technical tools that help you visualize your swing — there is also a professional swing recorder/machine that lets you literally view your swing and eventual progress.

Robin B, San Francisco, CA

I have had several instructors in the past. At Harding Golf Course, Indian Valley, but Mark Emmons is probably the best I’ve had.
K.P. San Francisco, CA

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We offer many different options to suit your needs and fit your budget. Contact us to discuss your instruction needs.



Jumpstart your learning with this three-hour dose of direction. Perfect for those just starting to golf as well as for those looking for a simple and effective way to swing the club. Players who get good info to begin have a much better chance of sticking with the game.


Buddy Pack

Buddy Pack

Round up your friends, or we can do it for you and save! Realistic practice routine and attainable goals are the next steps to lower scores and crushing your friends.


One on One

One on One

This option offers the fastest path to improvement and the greatest flexibility in scheduling for our busy life. It is available for all golfers looking to make even greater strides towards mastering effective techniques, skills and consistency and building on those into life-long habits.



I believe in providing my clients with a highly personalized coaching experience.   You will find all your swing videos, my audio comments and content that is useful for you in a safe and private folder – just for you.  In this way we can privately advance your golf abilities.   This folder can only be accessed by you from any mobile device or PC.  Open this folder and hear my comments!

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Mark Emmons

Academy Director

Mark has learned from some of the greatest teachers in the industry over the past 20 years but he credits the knowledge he has about an effective swing from seeing what works for real people.

“I worked for Hank Haney in Dallas, was in the PGA while working at a private club for 8 years, and was able to watch some great players swing the club…but learning the details of how Picasso paints doesn’t mean you’ll paint like Picasso.   


John Duggan

Assistant Professional

John worked at the Olympic Club for a number of years and he really cares! You will know that in the first five minutes you meet him. He’s a really good player who combines his real world experience with his positive personality to be a great teacher.


Taylor Adams

Assistant Professional

Taylor was a student of Mark’s when he played on a local high school team back in 2006.  He is loaded with talent and has a great way of making you comfortable. His attention to detail and amazing patience for such a young man is making him a first rate instructor.


San Bruno Golf Center

The Emmons Golf Academy at the San Bruno Golf Center provides the most unique and optimum combination for improving and learning the game of golf — offering group, semi-private and private golf instruction and clinics for all skill levels of golfers—from beginners to experts, and for both juniors and adults, as well as Spring and Summer break junior golf camps.

This is a complete practice facility.  With natural grass tees and a 2.5 acre short game practice area, you can practice all the shots.

San Bruno Golf Center
2101 Sneath Lane
San Bruno, CA 94066

Hours: Mon-Sun 7 am – 9 pm
Phone: (415) 215-3102


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